Replicon Compiles Business Strategy and Financing Plan for 6 M€ Wellness Concept
20-02-2012, ph

Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd. has compiled a business strategy for a wellness concept in Helsinki Region. Simultaneously Replicon constructed viable financing plan for this concept. The business strategy was formed in close collaboration with main future service providers of the concept. In general the project was very much in line with the core competence and service offering of Replicon, i.e. integrating financing plan to outstanding business strategy and financial possibilities.

Challenges in this case were relatively large. Much emphasis had to be put into solid earnings models to reduce financial risks during first 3-5 years from the launch. Below two examples of solutions for receiving acceptable risk- return -ratio for investors:
1) high capacity utilization during all seasons by creating mutually complementary set of services and innovative space concepts that can be easily modified during the year,
2) Add-In services that create extra use of the existing resources => additional income with (almost) zero additional cost.
On top of the above examples several other innovative solutions were also incorporated to the concept.

On top of consulting the business strategy Replicon facilitated financial planning inter alia by
1) Consulting in preparation of the marketing material of the financing round
2) Informing some 20-30 suitable active investors
3) Planning preliminary term sheet for the financing arrangement
5) Building preliminary shareholders’ agreement for the concept.

Due to high risk level in the start up -period acceptable return rises to some 15 % per annum during first 5-7 years. Long run acceptable yield for investors is 6-8 % p.a.

As part of our standard pr procedure most of the details of our customer projects are kept confidential unless our client wishes publicity. You may find some further details of our projects and clients In Replicon references list.

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