Service Offering: “Acid tests” for Life Science Sector Investment Strategies and Investments  

Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd. strengthens its expertise in demanding Life Science sector evaluations and investment portfolio analyses. We can now add specific technology knowledge and thereby an important tech assessment capability into our offering. Now we can offer institutional and other investors independent analyses of individual Life Science –projects as well as comprehensive analyses of their whole portfolio.

Our extended and unique expertise has been gained during relatively massive R&D and IPR commercialization project conducted for a client during 2012 -2015. From tech point of view said project concentrated on understanding of cellular energy metabolism and antioxidant defenses and simultaneous enhancement of physiological inflammation response and its control by modeling them mathematically in demand-supply –framework. Without going into details, defects in analyzed fundamental pathways are often behind many degenerative disorders such as CNS and cardiovascular diseases, and additionally in cancers and e.g. diabetes. Additonally chronic inflammation disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and similar can be due to defects in cellular energy metabolism and/or antioxidant defenses and simultaneous deterioration of physiological inflammation response and its control.

Based on the above, our rather specific mathematical approach can in fact be applied to extremely wide range of disorders! This ability gives Replicon the competitive edge for critical “acid tests” of very wide range of proposed technologies and therapy solutions that seek financing indirectly from institutional investors.

Replicon offers “acid tests” for your current investment portfolios and naturally for also new Life Science –investments or VC-funds. Our resources are mostly in use all the time. Thus we prefer to initiate one or two bigger, long lasting projects compared to high number of smaller projects. All projects include

  1. analyses on strategic fit of the investment target(s),
  2. analyses on main motivation of the fund raising:  increase of shareholder value or some "hidden aganda",
  3. analyses of competitive situation and market potential,
  4. financial analyses and economic potential, and
  5. independent & unique tech assesment, including analyses of obtained earlier statistical results.

If seen feasible and demanded by the client, we can also evaluate VC -management teams and even make comparisons on the expertise of several alternatives.

On top of institutional investors, this service offering applied to individual project or target company might also suit other service providers such as Certified Advisers (Helsinki and Stockholm) or Nominated Advisers in London, and naturally also public sector organizations, such as TEKES in Finland.  

Replicon Group aims at helping its clients in finding good Life Science targets and/or in avoiding bad investments. For further information on this service and our collaboration network, please contact:

Petteri Hirvonen, CEO

Replicon Group, +358 50 552 96 33 (direct)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


About Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd.

Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd. is an independent business development and corporate finance advisory house for growth companies and investors.

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