Replicon Gains Accreditation for New Support Programs

Replicon Group gained accreditation into the new 3 - 4 years lasting ELY centre program. This new program replaces some older support vehicles of ELY, e.g. PK-LTS - and Balance Sheet – consulting packages. Within the new program our clients can use significant amount of public support for conducting 15 days of high level advisory and consulting during a longer time period. In principle the client relation can last for the whole three year period of the program and the consultation can be realized during several separate time points.

In the whole program that starts later this spring there are 6 specific service categories for SMEs. Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd. applied only for two of the 6 categories and it gained accreditation for both of them. More specifically Replicon was accepted as the service provider into the following two subcategories (unofficial translation from Finnish language by Replicon):

1)      Enhancing the competencies of SMEs for growth of their business,  

2)      Development of innovations and IPRs of SMEs for commercialization.

 “We are very pleased that we have gained these accreditations because the core competence and focus area of Replicon Corporate Finance has always been business solutions that facilitate and govern growth of companies based on innovation,” says Petteri Hirvonen, the CEO of Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd. Corporate Finance unit of Replicon Group was established in year 2003.

More English information on ELY Centres, i.e. Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

For further information on Replicon and its services, please contact:

Petteri Hirvonen, CEO

Replicon Group, +358 50 552 96 33 (direct)

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About Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd.

Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd. is an independent business development and corporate finance advisory house for growth companies and investors.

Replicon provides strategic and financial solutions that facilitate business activities, efficiency, and increase profitability of corporations and other organizations. Our core competence is in the corporate solutions that facilitate and govern growth of businesses based on innovation. Replicon Group’s special focus areas are Life Science and Cleantech sectors. Main shareholders in Replicon Group are its key management.