Our Services

Since 1993 Replicon has successfully helped dozens of companies, investors and organizations in their business, cash flow and R&D modeling, as well as in financial and M&A arrangements.

M&A and Financial Arrangements

With the assistance of Replicon professionals clients can efficiently reach optimal deal structure that bring together the goals of all parties.


  • Structuring M&A and financial deals
  • Creating needed investment and marketing material, including financial planning and calculations
  • Contacting suitable potential investors and assistance in negotiations
  • Creating term sheets, shareholders’ agreements and when needed financial due diligence

The target is to find business oriented solution that combines the interests of financiers / investors, current owners and the management of the company. Our success oriented fee structure ensures that targets are met when feasible.

Analytical Services

Replicon analytical services cover cash flow analyses and statistical modeling, e.g. econometric and biometric analyses.  We integrate strategic alternatives and related financial possibilities of your company or specific development project.

We always aim at some concrete action plan or specific solution to your financial or research challenge. We try to investigate also relevant out-of-the-box alternative solutions, when seen feasible. When needed Replicon creates relevant financial models and base its analyses on the results of performed mathematical analyses.

Services related to Replicon analytical services:

  • Cash flow, income statement and balance sheet modeling and forecasts
  • Fairness opinions, valuation service and life cycle cost analyses
  • Economic forecasts
  • Statistical analyses, e.g. econometric and biometric models and testing.

Longer Term Services

Outsourced business development  

Longer term service contract is typically agreed only after good results from some preceding short term project with the client. There also has to exist a clear need from both parties before entering into a long term contract.

Service provided differ a lot case by case depending on client needs. Usually Replicon helps the client in international market expansion by providing e.g. industrial and financial contacts. We typically also assists in seeking new financing, upgrade financial plans and assist in basic legal matters (NDAs, shareholders' agreements, term sheets and commercialization agreements etc.).

Assistance in public-private -partnerships (PPP)

In our focus areas we provide also assistance and coordination in public-private –partnerships. Especially coordination services can last several years. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on our PPP -related services.