Growth Based on Innovative and Appealing Products

Typically R&D investments are justified only to products that are 1) in demand (or will attract demand when launched to the market place), and 2) have more value for customers than combined production and selling costs. The same applies for services as well.

If the said product or service is also 3) scarce, due to e.g. IPRs (patenting) or needed very demanding knowhow, this product has reached so called Sweet Spot in the market place. A Sweet Spot is extremely appealing place because in that location it is very difficult to fail with your product or service.

In real life Sweet Spots are very rare. They exist only in certain exceptional situations. Nevertheless everybody bringing new products or services to the market place should try to aim at Sweet Spot, i.e. towards 1) sufficient demand, 2) value creation, and simultaneous 3) scarcity or limited competition.

Replicon Group helps its clients in integrating their “Sweet Spot Seeking” and related financial needs by helping to create viable financing strategy and also in raising financing. Our latest client was contract research organization (CRO) that provides services to pharmaceutical industry.          

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About Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd.

Replicon Corporate Finance Ltd. is an independent business development and corporate finance advisory house for growth companies and investors.

Replicon provides strategic and financial solutions that facilitate business activities, efficiency, and increase profitability of corporations and other organizations. Our core competence is in the corporate solutions that facilitate and govern growth of businesses based on innovation. Replicon Group’s special focus areas are Life Science and Cleantech sectors. Main shareholders in Replicon Group are its key management.