Results from Client Survey

As part of its continuous service development process, Replicon ordered an independent survey on client needs and level of satisfaction. This first study was directed to Health Care and Life Science sector companies. Later we plan to extend similar surveys to cover also ICT sector companies and possibly all leading Finnish growth companies.

Underlying theme of the survey was to find out the need and willingness to use outsourced financial and strategic services in general. We also asked what are the main competences that weigh when selecting an adviser.


Other part of the questionnaire was related to Replicon services, their pricing and customer satisfaction. We are very happy to say that almost all of the feed back related to Replicon and its services was positive. Please find summarised results of the survey below:

Questions and recorded responses:

1) 70 % of respondents have used or are planning to use an outside financial expert.

2) Somewhat surprisingly most respondents thought that sector specific knowledge was not very important when selecting financial adviser. Most important selection criteria was to use local expertise followed by well known brand and references of the adviser.

3) Replicon was well known among respondents. Some 70 % of the respondents knew Replicon.

4) Most well known Replicon services were valuations and technology evaluations. Only second came advisory in financial and M&A arrangements.

5) Quality of Replicon services:

Customer service: 15 % over expectations, 57% good, 28% didn’t know,
Use of local investors: 43% good, 57% didn’t express their opinion,
Use of local and foreign collaboration networks: 46% good or satisfactory, 54% didn’t express their opinion,
Ability to reach goals: 15% over expectations, 30% good or satisfying, rest didn’t express their opinion.

6) Pricing of Replicon services

Competitivity: 15% better than expected, 46% good or satifying, 39% didn’t know,
Price – quality ratio: 15% better than expected, 31% good or satisfying, rest didn’t know,
Clear principles in pricing: 46 % were satisfied, rest didn’t express their opinion,
Terms of the payments: 31 % good or satisfactory, 15% didn’t meet expectations, rest didn’t express their opinion.

The survey was conducted by Stellaria Media ( The questionnaire was sent to more than 100 Finnish Life Science sector and Health Care companies and organizations.

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