Ani Biotech buys the Business Operations of Orgenium Laboratories

Ani Biotech Oy buys the business operations of Orgenium Laboratories Oy. All Orgenium’s business operations, including office and production equipment, will be moved from Viikki, Helsinki, to Ani Biotech’s premises in Petikko, Vantaa. Replicon Group acted as the financial adviser in the deal.

”We are exited on this opportunity to widen Ani Biotech and Ani Labsystems product offering significantly”, says Aimo Niskanen the CEO of Ani Biotech and Ani Labsystems. Orgenium employees will continue in Ani Biotech and Orgenium brand will be kept for current Orgenium products and customers. Also current CEO of Orgenium Laboratories, Serkan Demir, will continue in Ani Biotech in marketing the products of Orgenium Laboratories.


“We are very happy about this acquisition, and we are truly satisfied with Replicon in facilitating this deal,” says Serkan Demir, CEO of Orgenium Laboratories. Replicon facilitated the M&A process inter alia by

1) Consulting in preparation of the marketing material
2) Informing limited amount of business organization on this opportunity
3) Planning the term sheet and the structure of the business arrangement between Ani Biotech and Orgenium.
4) Legal documentation of the Business transfer agreement
5) Consulting on a new shareholders’ agreement in Orgenium.

The Parties have agreed not to disclose further information on the deal.

About Ani Biotech:

the company was founded in 1986 by experienced entrepreneurs and professional businessmen. Ani Biotech is privately owned and the founders remain as the main shareholders. Ani Biotech belongs to a group of companies with some cross-ownership all active in health care sector. Ani Biotech has facilities near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport,

About Orgenium:

Orgenium Laboratories is a privately owned Biotechnology company located in Helsinki, Finland. We specialize in developing and manufacturing ELISA test kits for research use and for in vitro diagnosis of infectious diseases

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