Viope closes financing round for expansion


Viope Solutions Ltd has entered into a structured mezzanine financing agreement to accelerate the business development and distribution of innovative e-learning concepts.

The main investors in Viope Solutions Oy ( have committed a convertible debt facility to accelerate growth of the company's business. As part of Viope's financing agreement all amendments in the capital structure are made to reflect the current market environment and to support value creation in the company. In addition, financing arrangements have been made for the continuance of successful expansion of Viope's business model. Replicon acted as Viope's legal and financial advisor in planning and structuring bridge financing as well as in planning of expansion strategy.

The management of Viope Solutions believes that financing arrangements provide Viope with a stable capital structure and appropriate resources to be used in initial expansion phase. Viope's objective in the future is to appropriately finance its business through a mix of equity financings and revenue, which gives the company an optimal basis for growth without diluting shareholder's value.

"Certain features of these kinds of capitalizations can have an accelerative impact on the results of some future operations, especially those related to expansion stage. Given the underlying strength of the business and Viope's proven ability to generate cash, the capital structure will be earnings enhancing and will support the company when taking advantage of the continuing growth in the e-learning market, where the opportunity has already raised." Said Jari Lauriala, Partner of Replicon.

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