Replicon forms corporate finance unit

PRESS RELEASE (April 9, 2003)

Replicon gains it's focus in high-tech corporate finance and strategic alliances: Replicon Corporate Finance Oy has been incorporated.

Replicon launches corporate finance and partnering services for growth companies. Following the Replicon Group's strategy, Replicon Corporate Finance Oy will provide highly specialized and quality-oriented corporate finance and partnering services for growth companies and their potential partners as well as venture capital and private equity funds.

"Replicon Corporate Finance as well as Replicon Group wants to be part of the network that works on the background, often unnoticed, supporting high technology companies as their growth advance. The company will take responsibility for its role as a long-term partner of technology companies and their immediate circle." says CEO Petteri Hirvonen. Replicon Corporate Finance Oy collaborates with its clients to help them realize their visions and create shareholder value. With deep industry expertise, broad resources and proven experience in corporate finance and legal struckturing, Replicon Corporate Finance can plan, negotiate and execute the right alliance-structures as well as private equity and venture capital operations.

The main shareholders in Replicon Corporate Finance Oy are its key specialists, holding majority of the company's shares. The new partners will further play an important role in the company, and add to the organic growth by focusing on growing the service side of the business. A list of Replicon's professionals and individual biographies can be found in the "Professionals" section of the company's website:

The plans of the Replicon Group for 2003 and 2004 are founded on expectations of controlled growth supported by strategic alliances in the main market area of the Nordic region and Northern Europe." Petteri Hirvonen says.

For further information, please contact:

Replicon Corporate Finance Oy
Petteri Hirvonen, CEO
+358 (09)4111 03 47
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Replicon Group provides strategic, financial, and legal solutions that facilitate business activities, efficiency, and increase profitability of corporations and other organizations. Our core competence is in the corporate solutions that facilitate and govern growth of businesses based on innovation. An important part of our activities is continuous learning. We want to find and develop most suitable solutions to our customer needs. The main shareholders in Replicon Corporate Finance Oy are its key management, holding majority of the company's shares. Replicon's homepage is